Website Redesign

Looking for Something New?

The world moves quickly these days, including¬†web technology. Don’t lag behind!

  • PurePixelation, the branding & design experts are pleased to offer web site redesign and makeover services to help take your existing web site to the next level. We’ll consult with you to find out which areas of your web site are in need of improvement, and work with you to make it better than ever.
    It is amazing how much impact a website has on your clientele. A website can make you look like a huge multimillion dollar company, without the multimillion dollar price tag.
    Whether your text needs some added sparkle, or your graphics and photos would benefit from some enhancement, we can marvelously improve how your web site looks, feels, and performs – for a lot less than you would expect.
  • PurePixelation employs professional advertising copy writers who can take your existing text, and make it more compelling – both to your visitors, and the major search engines. This is essential for a successful web site redesign that gets results. We’ll streamline your web site so that it loads quickly, is easy to navigate, gets found on the search engines – and – most importantly – gets your message across to your visitors. The process of redesigning a Web site is more than just changing graphics. In fact, it’s very similar to that of creating a new Web site, with the addition of a few considerations. Our web designers will help you to:
    • Adjust for any shift in site’s purpose or audience
    • Incorporate new content and redesign features
    • Modernize graphics, layout and navigation
    • Address any dissatisfaction with existing site
    • Evaluate hosting requirements in light of new site’s demands
  • Audience Your target audience may have changed since your last website. A new design can help you hit that new target.
  • Technology Technology changes constantly. There have been huge advancements since your last site was built.
  • Business As your business grows, so do your needs and requirements. Perhaps you need to add new functionality?