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Hire a digital branding expert today. With PurePixelation on your side, you know that you will be getting complete service.

  • My name is Farhan and I’m the owner of I have >10 years experience building corporate web management systems and I’ve been building premium, content rich websites for the past 4 years.

    My clients have always told me that I understand their vision and that’s why they keep coming back. Designing and building through programming and graphics design is our passion at PurePixelation. I look forward to helping you grow your business.

Why Choose Us

PurePixelation, the Digital Branding & Design experts are a full service company. From design to programming to search optimization and everything in-between we cover all the aspects required for establishing a successful website for your organization or business. We will take care of the set-up and installation of your domain name, hosting, and software, as well as handling the design and development of your website. At PurePixelation, we are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to give you the best possible web solution.

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  • Premium Web Design

    At PurePixelation, we create web sites that break the box and stand out from the regular boring web sites. We walk our clients through a design process of determining what their needs are, the overall feel they want their web site to have on their visitors and the lasting impression they want to make — Read More
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    As an Internet Marketing Company in Toronto, PurePixelation branding & design experts understand both the Canadian Internet Market as well as the American Market. Search Engine Optimization by PurePixelation will put your company on the first page of Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN when your budget permits it. Basic Search Engine Optimization is always included free of charge. — Read More
  • Logo Design, Brochures & Flyers

    A custom web design is not limited to the web site. We also create logos and business cards to match the feel and look of the web site. We believe in complete marketing packages to ensure your success online and offline. — Read More


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  • Your website or social pages are digital representations of your company. Help your customers learn about your business when searching online.


  • Implement new strategies and create the right content to build brand awareness and trust with your customers.


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  • Encourage a purchase by advertising when and where your customers are looking.


  • Through optimization and utilizing strategic services, your business will show up more often when customers are looking for the products and services you provide.

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